A rug can make your carpet look more beautiful far away and can also break the overall look of your carpet by bunching up. The problem with many area rugs is that they bunch up on top of the carpet, forming a lumpy appearance.

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is a common issue that you will see all too often. That’s why most homeowners are worried about this and ask, ” how to keep area rugs from bunching up over carpet?”

An area rug is made from a thin and very durable material; its thinner construction can bunch up underfoot.

Well, there are many ways to keep the rug in place. We will tell you about a few effective and simple ones to do. Scroll down to learn more. 

How to Keep Area Rug from Bunching up On Carpet

There are many ways to keep an area rug from bunching up on the carpet. Let’s know about three effective ways to keep the rug in place without bunching on the carpet.

1. Non-Slip Rug

The best option is to keep the area rug from bunching up using a non-skid rug. Usually, an area rug has a smooth surface on the back part that easily bunches up during walking over the carpet.

But when we have a non-skid rug or rug with non- smooth underneath, it’s free of bunching up. If you don’t find a perfect size non-skid rug, you can buy a larger one and cut it to make the right size you need.

Because usually you won’t find a non-skid small or standard size rug in the market. All come in large sizes.

2. Rug Pad

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Rug pad is another solution that allows you to decorate your floor with a rug without being worried about bunching.

You just have to buy and throw a non-skid or rubber rug pad under the rug. Before placing the area rug over the carpet, place these rug pads first and then place the area rug on top of it.

Usually, a non-skid pad comes with two sticky surfaces on both sides that work on providing gripping between the carpet and area rug. As a result, you don’t face rug slipping or bunching up.

3. Double-Sided Tape

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When you want to avoid both the above methods to keep your area rug from bunching up on carpet, you can try this method. But remember double sided tape is a short term solution.

Before placing the area rug over the carpet, attach one side of the tape with the carpet and another with the area rug.

Now attach the rug with the carpet following the tape and press firmly. Tape is sticky, so it will stick together the carpet and rug for a period and in this period you are free of any bunching up. 

Why Does Rug Bunch up On Carpet

Rugs are an essential accessory to decor our home, but this beauty is ruined and unbearable trouble when it gets bunch up over and over. It feels horrible to place it again and again, and still bunches up. But why do rugs bunch up on carpet?

It’s simple, an area rug bunch up on carpet due to not having gripping enough. An area rug has a smooth surface underneath; when you place it over the carpet that is also smooth, the rug bunch up on the carpet.

If you want to stop this bunching up, you have to follow any of the above three solutions. There is no other effective option that can satisfy you with their performance for a long time. 

How to Keep Rug Corners Down on Carpets & Hardwood Floors

Rugs on hardwood floors slip more than a rug on other floors. Because the hardwood surface and rug underneath both are smooth, there is no gripping between the two that can keep the rug corners down on hardwood floors.

But there are some ways to keep the corners down on the Carpets & hardwood floor. 

1. Caulking

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For this purpose, acrylic latex caulk will be best. But you can also use another type of caulk or glue. Make strips line all around the rug and all over the rug one by one leaving a little place in the middle.

Especially fill the four corners with lots of caulk. Let it dry for a few minutes and place them back over the hardwood floors. Dry caulking in the rug will produce great gripping between the hardwood floors and rug. 

2. Velcro

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Velcro strips are another type of gripper. Installing velcro strips on the rug corner is simple. Place the rug upside down, now cut the velcro strips in small pieces measuring the corner length.

Remove the backing of the velcro strips and attach it with the rug. Now attach another part with the floor, and place the rug in the right position or on top of the velcro strips. Apply gentle pressure to let the rug stick with the floor. 

3. Gripper

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Place the rug upside down, take the double-sided tape, and cut them into the length you need. Remember, tape is the shortest solution you can have; it won’t last for more than three to four weeks.

Attach one part of the tap with the rug and another part with the hardwood floor. Now, place the rug tapped area over the hardwood floor tapped area, and press firmly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep My Rug from Scrunching

To keep your rug free from scrunching, you can use a rug pad underneath the rug. A rug pad will stop the rug from scrunching. But make sure the rug pad is a non-slip pad. You can also use caulking to keep your rug in place.

Can You Put an Area Rug in The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put an area rug in the washing machine. But only the rugs that are made with synthetic fiber or cotton fiber. It’s no problem if the back is rubber or non-slip. And be gentle while washing, use cold water, and avoid washing them too often. 

How Do You Keep a Rug Flat on Carpet?

There are many ways to keep a rug flat on carpet. Some of the most common methods include:
1. Use a thick area rug, which is also a rectangular mat that can be rolled up and put away when not in use. 
2. Make sure your rug has a non-skid backing. This will help it stay in place even if it’s not secured with any type of tape or glue.

How Do You Flatten an Area Rug After Cleaning

After cleaning, dry the area rug perfectly under the sun or high-speed hairdryer. Then roll it up and release it, repeat it for a few times. It will make your rug flatten like before cleaning. Avoid squeezing water by using too much pressure.

How Do You Keep a Rug from Bunching on Hardwood Floors?

One way to keep a rug from bunching on hardwood floors is to use a rug pad. A rug pad is made of non-slip rubber, and it has a thick, cushiony layer that prevents the floor from being scratched. 
It also helps with noise reduction by absorbing any sound or vibration from underneath the carpet, making it an ideal choice for areas where noise pollution is an issue.


Keeping the area rug from bunching up on carpet is simple; you just need to know the way to do it and implement it correctly.

We have shared some of the effective solutions on “ how to keep area rug from bunching up on carpet.” All our mentioned solutions are effective but using the non-skid rug pad is the best, others are short-time solutions and can leave behind a sticky residue. You are free to choose any of the methods you like. 

Let us know how our article helped you in keeping your rug over carpet without moving, and share your experience with us.

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