Rugs are used to cover hard floors and provide warmth under a table. Some also use it on the floor of a closet or use it as artwork. However, if you have a dining room table and ask yourself, “how do you fit a rug under a dining room table.”

Stop doing so. Asking yourself won’t solve your problem. You will need to take some measures of the table and the space. 

Fitting a rug under a dining room table isn’t a simple thing. If you have ever attempted to put a rug under a dining room table, you know how difficult it can be.

The size of the rug may not match the table, and even if it does, there is no way to get it underneath without making a huge mess.  

But not anymore, we have covered you. This article will look at how to fit a rug under a dining room table.

How Do You Fit a Rug Under a Dining Room Table

A perfectly fitted rug will enhance the décor of your space. It will save your feet from being scrunched and uncomfortable. Let’s know how to fit a rug under a dining room table. 

First, you need to find the space where you want to put the rug. This will be in your dining room, and it should be big enough for the rug to fit under it.

Lay the rug on the floor. Next, put down a large piece of cardboard or plywood and place the dining room table on top of it.

Then use your hands to push up from underneath the table so that it is flush with the ground.

Now, take some small pieces of wood and secure them between each leg of the table to make sure that it stays in place while you secure them with nails.

Another way would be to lay down a sheet of plywood or other types of sturdy material that is slightly smaller than your dining room table size so that you can glue it down onto your dining room flooring.

How to Place a Rug Under Dining Table

A rug is usually placed under a dining room table to protect the wood and give the room a softer feel.

Place the rug on top of the table’s legs and secure it with heavy-duty tacks or nails through all four corners. Cut a small hole in each corner of the table where you will be placing tacks or nails to hold down your rug.

Then slide in your rug, making sure that it fits snugly against all four walls of the cutout area, and then cover up any exposed edges with decorative trim such as molding or valance material that matches your furniture style.

How to Measure for A Rug Under Dining Table

One common mistake most of us make is buying a rug that fits the dining table but not the chair. While we measure for a rug under the dining table, we take a measure of the dining table.

But it’s not the right way to decorate your dining table with a rug. If you are decorating your dining table like this, it’s better not to. We should also keep in mind the chair.

So, when someone pulls the chair, it shouldn’t happen that it goes out of the rug. Not only just pulling, but it should have enough space to sit as well.

So before you buy a rug, you have to measure the dining table along with the chair. The easiest way to do it is, buy a 50 cm wider and longer rug than the dining table.

What Size Rug Should Go Under a Dining Table

How many of us know the exact physical dimension of the dining table we have? Most of us have no idea at all.

The good news for you is that if you don’t know your table dimension in centimeters or inches, you can still decide what size rug should go under the dining table.

Thanks to standard-size carpet manufacturers, they have designed rugs of standard sizes as well as different shapes.

We can find and match a standard-size rug by telling how many people can sit on that table. Yes, just saying the table seater number is enough to get a rug for the dining table.

And you can choose the good shape you like also. If you have a six-seater dining table, then an 8×10 feet standard size dining table rug can easily meet your needs.

If you have a larger table, then a 9×12 feet dining table rug is the standard size.

What Type of Rug Is Best for Under a Dining Table

Dining Table Rugs must be thick enough so that your toes do not feel pain while sitting on them all day long.

The best type of rug under a dining table is wool. Wool rugs offer waffle weave cloth which is much softer than any other type of rug.

Wool is a natural repellent that stays on rugs to prevent fraying when heavy foot traffic lands on them, preventing static electricity interactions between the two fibers. It is also a natural antibacterial, which helps to keep odors at bay.

Under your table, you can also use a pole barn mat (which is very much like an indoor carpet up to 6’9″ wide). It is essential to purchasing a versatile long-term device that allows maximum usage for many years.

This rug is well worth it. The material can be washed repeatedly without constant maintenance to work better than any other rug material.

It is neutral in color and will complement most decor. There is no fringe to snag on chairs or thread through chair legs, so getting up from the table is also easier.

The future of carpet fibers has a large period where they can be washed and not absorb smoke or other pollutants.

How to Choose Rug Size for Under Dining Table

Choosing a rug size under the table is simple when you know what you need. Before selecting the rug size, you must keep some things in mind.

Choose the rug in the same shape as the table is! If it’s a round table, go with a round rug, and if it’s a square, go with a square one.

It will help to match the rug with the dining table perfectly. Whether the table is for 6 for seater or eight, always take an extra 30 cm from all sides.

That’s all, and you get a perfect rug for your dining table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Rug Should Go Under a 48 Round Table

It is best to measure the round table and the chair and then find a rug that fits the size.If you have a 48-inch round table with a diameter of 36 inches, usually, a 9 square feet rug should go under your round table. 

What Size Rug Goes Under a 6-Foot Dining Table

The size of the rug that you need to put under your 6-foot dining table depends on what type of rug it is. If it is a shag or tufted rug, you should go for an 8×10 inch or 10×12 inch square-shaped area rug. 

How Big Should a Round Rug Be Under a Dining Table

Rugs should be about 2 feet bigger than the length of the table. To determine the size, measure from one end of the table to the other and add two feet.

What Kind of Rug Do You Put Under a Round Table?

A Persian carpet is usually placed under a round table. The word “rug” can refer to any type of textile, including the rug’s specific fabric and style. Among all the rugs, I found a Persian rug more stylish, so I love to decorate the floor under a round table with a Persian rug.

Can You Put a Square Table on A Round Rug

Yes, you can put a square table on a round rug. Because it all depends on your taste, put whatever you like under your square table. It’s your table, so the choice is yours.

Final Words

If you’re having trouble finding the right rug to fit under your dining room table, don’t fret! We have covered you in this article. If you have read this carefully, we hope this article has helped you know what you wanted.

We have answered, “how do you fit a rug under a dining table.” Did it help you or not? Shout out in the comment box and ask us where we have missed it out

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