About Us

At Home Essentials Guide, we provide practical, life-like tips and inspiration to make the best home. From decorating to organizing your home, we provide every guide that helps you to make your home the best living space (indeed we most love our house like our family members). 

Do you want to clean your floors (no matter what flooring type you have) thoroughly without damaging them? Home Essentials Guide will cover that. Need to repair any home stuff? We will provide those tips also. 

Indeed, there is no topic related to your home you can’t find on Home Essentials Guide. Our motive to build this website is to let you explore every inch of your home and take care of them. 

We have a team of 20+ passionate writers who have experience in different fields like construction, cleaning, cooking, home renovation, and blogging. 

Our Team

Todd S. Martin

Todd S. Martin

Todd is the co-founder of Home Essentials Guide and he has over 5+ years of experience in writing. He loves to write anything that is related to cleaning, floor installing, and product reviews. Besides, he checks the accuracy of the topic other members of his team write to ensure you get the well-researched content that impacts your everyday life. You can find him on Twitter, Medium, and Facebook. 

Phillip Henry

Phillip is also the co-founder of Home Essentials Guide. He is an SEO expert and content designer of Home Essentials Guide. He collaborates with the writing team, collects all the written articles from them, and optimizes them for search engines. Also, he helps the writing team by providing resources to write useful content for our readers. Phillip is also tall enough and you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

Editorial Guideline

We love quality writing that changes the lives of our readers. Our writers produce the best article on the Internet on a given topic collecting accurate information. However, if you think any of our articles need improvement, feel free to reach us here: contact@homeessentialsguide.com 

Product Reviews

The products we reviewed were based on our personal preferences, tests, and research. We have no connection with the manufacturers of those products we reviewed. If you buy any products following the link, we will receive a commission.