An area rug on top of carpet enhances the beauty of your flooring. Any mistake like carpet stains can ruin the look of your beautiful flooring. 

And after a time, the carpet starts wearing out, and you have to replace or cover it. Replacing costs a lot, and the covering doesn’t look good. 

Here, an area rug can save you. Instead of replacing the carpet, you can just throw an area rug on top of the carpet. It will cover the faults and will give a new look. Not only look but also comfortability. 

When you have a rug over the carpet, you will feel warmer underfoot. But there is a problem most rug users face and ask experts how to secure an area rug on top of carpet. 

Because an area rug doesn’t have a secured back, so the area rug slips on the carpet whenever you walk over it. So to avoid unexpected slippery accidents and to keep the carpet in place you have to secure it.

5 Effective Ways To Secure Area Rug On Top Of Carpet

There are many ways to stop rugs from slipping on carpets. And we are glad that you are here to know the tricks. Let’s not make you wait any longer and jump to learn the ways to keep the rug on top of carpet without slipping.

01. Decor The Rug

Yes, you heard me right, dear. You can secure an area rug on top of the carpet from slipping or moving by decorating it with some furniture. 

For example, if the rug is in the middle of your drawing room or bedroom, you can place a beautiful coffee table. If it’s in the corner, keep a chair, buffets, or flower vase. 

If it’s the runner rug, you can place it under couches. Many decorating ideas are available with an area rug that will make your house look more incredible and stop it from moving. 

In this way, you don’t have to do any tricks with the carpet or the area rug. It’s the best, secure and beautiful way to secure an area rug.

02. Rug Pads

Using rug pads or rug grippers for carpets is another way you are looking for. It’s affordable and easy to use. A non-slip rug pad or carpet pad is designed to prevent slipping over the floor. It’s not gonna damage the carpet or the area rug. Its grippy fiber will hold anything over or under it. 

But you have to be careful about the measurement. You can cut it and make it the size you need. Take a measure of your area rug and match the size of the carpet pad with it. Place it over the carpet and throw the area rug over it, and the area rug is locked. It won’t make any movement further.

03. Caulk Area Rug

Caulking the back of the area rug can be an excellent choice to keep it in place. Take a silicone caulk and make caulk lines under the area rug. Make the lines one after one, don’t keep much distance. 

The more caulk lines are there, the more the area rug is secured. You can also use a knife and spread the caulk for better safety, but close lines are also enough. Caulk will hold the area rug with the carpet. 

Whenever someone walks over it, it’s gonna get pressed down and hold both the carpet and area rug. But before you use this, ensure the area rug won’t get damaged with it. 

Some experts said an expensive rug could be ruined by using caulk. So be careful when using it.

04. Double-Sided Tape

Don’t be surprised. Double-sided tape isn’t only used in crafting. It can stop your rug from slipping also. Open one side of the tape and apply it all around the rug and some in the middle. Then open the other side and attach it to the carpet. 

Before you do this, locate the area you want to place the rug and then open the sides, the tape can lose its steaky nature. But it’s not a solution for a long time. After a few time passes, the tape will lose its adhesive quality, and then you have to replace it with new double-sided tape. 

Whenever you buy double-sided tape to secure your rug, make sure you have purchased high-quality tape designed to use on the rugs. Low-quality tape can leave behind a sticky residue and some stains and lose its adhesive faster.

05. Choose the Perfect Rug

If you can choose the perfect rug, then you may not need to take any action to keep it in place. Expensive and high-quality rugs are pretty heavy and stick in one place. 

They don’t move so quickly like cheap rugs. It’s designed with quality fibers and a heavy back that holds it back with the carpet. 

And these days, markets are full of non-slip rugs. You can purchase a non-slip rug that has a non-slip rubber back. Its gel back prevents any slipping or moving, or creeping when someone walks over it.

So if you spend a little more and buy a high-quality non-slip area rug, you won’t have to buy any rug pad or double-sided tape to secure the area rug on top of the carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stop a Runner from Moving on a Carpet?

The simple way to stop a runner from moving on a carpet is to place a carpet pad over the carpet and then the runner over it. A high-quality carpet pad will protect the carpet and runner and will hold it securely. In addition, this pad will make your walk more comfortable over the carpet and runner.

Does Rug Gripper Tape Work on Carpet?

Yes, rug gripper tape works on carpet. A rug gripper tape is a non slippery product that will keep your carpet safe from slipping over any flooring. It’s one kind of technology to hold the carpet, rugs, or runner in place without moving. Maintaining a rug gripper is easy,  and it gives a neat appearance.

Can You Use Double-Sided Tape on Carpet?

Yes, you can use double-sided tape on the carpet. Double-sided tape is designed with super sticky glue that is heat-activated. You can use it to bond carpet or anything you want. It’s not only easy to use but also affordable. If you want your carpet to stay in place without moving, you can use double-sided tape on the carpet.

How Do You Keep a Rug from Bunching on Carpet?

To keep a rug from bunching on the carpet, you can use a non-slip rug pad. Keep the rug pad under the rug, and it will prevent the rug from folding or bunching on carpet. A rug pad is an affordable and useful tool. You can also use silicone caulk or tape instead of a rug pad.

How Do You Keep a Rug from Slipping on Hardwood Floors?

You can stop a rug from slipping on hardwood floors using tools like rug gripper or tape, non-slipping rug pad, silicone caulk, and velcro. Using any of these can keep your rug in place without slipping on hardwood floors. And using these are also simple.


If you are with us from the beginning and have read the article thoroughly, we hope you already got your answer on how to secure an area rug on top of carpet.

We have shared all tried methods to keep the rug in place without any movement. So follow them and be free of the worry of slipping with an area rug.

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