After installing the expensive hardwood floor, obviously, you wouldn’t like to ruin it. You have to take extra care of the hardwood floor to make it last longer. Hardwood floor is one of the best flooring options that give your house an authentic look.

But with time, the high traffic area starts to wear down. To protect the hardwood floor from wear and tear or hide the stains, you can design your floor with different kinds of rugs that are safe to use on the hardwood floor. It will protect the hardwood floor and will increase the beauty of your floor. 

As we know, a hardwood floor needs more care and maintenance so obviously not any type of rugs will be suitable for it. Some kinds of rugs can damage the hardwood floor.

Let’s not dive into the rug that can damage the hardwood floor. But let’s dive into the rugs that are safe to use on the hardwood floor.

Scroll down to learn about the area rugs safe for hardwood floors.

Best 4 Types of Rugs Safe to Throw Over Hardwood Floors

So many types of rugs for hardwood floors are available in the market, but not every rug is the perfect match for a hardwood floor.

Some rugs cause scratches, discolor and stain on the hardwood floor. So by keeping in mind the features a hardwood rug should have, we have found some area rugs for wood floors that are safe to use.

Let’s know about those rugs.

01. Wool Rugs

The first rug safe for the hardwood floor we would like to introduce to you is a wool rug. A wool rug is a popular and perfect choice for a hardwood floor.

Wool is comfortable, damage-free, durable, and easy to maintain. There are two types of wool rugs available in the market.

One is a flat weave rug, and another one is a tufted wool rug. Both are best and harmless to the hardwood floor.

You can choose any of them with any shape or design according to your taste. Mixed wool rugs combine with other materials like cotton or jute to give a blended design.

And the outcome is quite impressionable. By considering your taste, your floor color, and seeing varieties of designs and shapes, you can pick up any of the above-mentioned wool or wool blended rugs. All are perfect choices for your hardwood floor.

02. Natural-Fiber Rugs

Our next recommendation rug for the hardwood floor is a natural fiber rug. Natural fiber rugs like jute, coir, seagrass, or sisal, any of these materials used rug is a natural fiber rug.

First, these materials are tightly flat woven to give the shape of a mat, and then it forms a rug. But among these coils and seagrass rugs are less recommendable. Because seagrass and coir rugs are usually manufactured with latex backing.

And we know latex backed rugs on hardwood floors are harmful. So it won’t be good if you directly throw a rug on top of the hardwood floor. It would be best if you placed a rug pad between the hardwood floor and rugs.

Keeping aside the risk of damage, natural fiber rugs are very incredible. They give a casual look rather than a traditional or boring formal look.

So check out some natural fiber rugs and make a choice that makes sense to you.

03. Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are also made of natural plant fiber, but it’s not the category of natural fiber rugs. Cotton rugs have their category, it’s very comfortable, durable, and gives a casual look.

It’s safe for hardwood floors and comes in varieties of designs and shapes. Search for a cotton rug, and you will get many safe options for the hardwood floor.

04. Silk Rugs

If you want to go for something expensive and concentrate on looks more than durability, then you can check out some silk rugs.

Silk is a pricey material, and its glossy look increases the beauty of your floor automatically. But it fades away very quickly and is also fragile under abrasion.

And it’s not comfortable to walk on. So, you can’t place it in a high traffic area. You have to place it to show off; you have to avoid walking over it as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Area Rugs Scratch Hardwood Floors?

Yes, area rugs will scratch the hardwood floor. A rug has a rough backing that releases toxins. When these toxins meet with hardwood floors containing chemicals, it eats up the floor surface’s smooth finish. And when it keeps moving, it scratches the hardwood floor. You can avoid hardwood floor scratch by throwing A rug pad is safe for hardwood floors; it avoids scratch, stain, or discoloration.

Is Polypropylene Safe for Hardwood Floors?

Answer is Yes, polypropylene is safe for hardwood floors. Polypropylene is water and resistant. It repels moisture to your hardwood floor. Its durability and low maintenance make it worth using on hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and bamboo floors. But it will be safe if you use a rug pad underneath.

What Kind of Rugs Should Be Used on Hardwood Floors?

After considering things you need to consider when you buy a rug for hardwood floors, we find some rugs like a wool rug, natural fiber rug, cotton rug, jute rug, seagrass rug, and synthetic rugs safe to use on hardwood floors. Rugs that don’t have a latex backing and woven & heat-resistant backs are perfect for a hardwood floor.

Will Rubber-Backed Rugs Damage Hardwood Floors?

Yes, rubber backed rugs will damage hardwood floor. Rubber is a material that releases toxins and gases and gets damaged with UV rays or a little heat. Any rug with rubber back can cause stains, scratches, dullness, and overall damage on the hardwood floor.

Should You Use Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you should use area rugs on the hardwood floor. Area rugs are used to design high-traffic areas to hide the wear and tear of the hardwood floor and give a stylish look. But as you know, rugs keep slipping and damage the hardwood floor, so don’t forget to throw a rug pad under it.

Final Words

Rugs like a wool rug, cotton rug, natural fiber rug, and silk rug, all the rugs we have told you above, are safe for hardwood floors.

But it will be best to place a rug pad under the rug so there will be no chance of any damage to the hardwood floor.

And ensure the rugs have softbacks and colorfastness. Color Fastness means the color won’t fade away or be washed away in case of any touch of chemicals.

So think before you choose and make sure you have read the manufacturing guide.

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