Do you have an area rug on your hardwood floor? It makes your home messy. Your home looks terrible if you don’t have a carpet cleaning routine.

We fix many area rugs for decoration or comfort. It may differ in color, size, or weight. But cleaning the floor of area rugs is complicated, specifically on the hardwood floor, because wooden floors can not resist much water. 

Though you want to keep your hardwood floor dry, questions arise on how to shampoo area rugs on hardwood floorsKeep going to read here to discover the solutions.

How To Shampoo A Rug On Hardwood Floor?

To clean your rug on the hardwood floor, you will be careful not to drop water. It is a little bit tougher than the usual floor type. But when cleaning is the main reason, you will get the solution.

What Is Needed:

  • Vacuum carpet cleaner
  • Carpet cleaning shampoo
  • Microfiber clothes 
  • Floor steamer
  • Baking soda
  • Sodium bicarbonate 

Select the carpet shampoo and brush consciously. Do not use harsh chemicals in cleaning rugs. It may harm your flooring also. Here you will find some essential steps to make your work easy.

01. Organize The Rug For Washing:

As you can not bring your rug outside, you need to wash it in place. Remove extra furniture on the rugs like a coffee table, chair, showpiece, etc. Grab the long particles from the rug; otherwise, it gets stuck on the vacuum cleaner.

02. Fix Barrier Between Rugs And Floor:

Though you need to protect your floor, set a plastic barrier between the rugs and the floor. Because of boundaries, the cleaning solution and water can not be absorbed by the floor. So, the barrier protects your valuable floor as well.

03. Remove Dust Using Vacuum Carpet Cleaner:

Now, you are ready to clean the rugs on the hardwood floor. Take a vacuum carpet cleaner and eliminate the dust on the rug. If you clean the dry dust before applying any cleaning solution, it will be easy to clean the saturated trash.

04. Wash With Carpet Shampoo:

Some carpet cleaners contain metal parts that can damage hardwood floors. You will get carpet cleaning shampoo without metal parts. Select the shampoo based on the type of carpet materials. Pat the shampoo in a small corner on the carpet. 

If you don’t get any damage, sprinkle the shampoo on the entire carpet. Let it sit for 10/15 minutes to reach the bottom of the carpet. Then rinse with a damp cloth and little water. Use a shampooer to make your work easy.

05. Use Floor Steamer:

Steam cleaning is compared with carpet cleaning with shampoo. Though floor steamer can clean the area rugs well, it is not advised for sealed hardwood floors.

A steam cleaner is a hot water-based cleaning system that creates harm to the floor under the carpet. It is better to wrap your area rug and clean them away from the hardwood floor.

When it is not reasonable, put a heavy plastic barrier before using steam. If you can attach a microfiber mop head, it will be better for cleaning.

06. Apply Sodium Bicarbonate:

When you get tough stains on your area rugs, use sodium bicarbonate to eliminate them. Do not pour direct water on the rugs. Take a toothbrush to rub the stains.

Soft bristles of a toothbrush can go to the inner of the mats and clean the dirt. Allow the sodium bicarbonate to sit for 5 minutes on the rugs. Then, take damp cloth and clean all the solutions.

07. Home Remedies For Odor Removing:

If you get any bad smell from the carpet, spread some baking powder. It is a natural remedy for eradicating odors. Lemon juice also acts as a great stain remover.

08. Make The Carpet Dry:

When your cleaning session is over, place it to dry properly. It is better to dry the carpet in the open air or sunny weather. If the carpet can not dry well, it will be damaged soon. 

Can You Shampoo Area Rugs On Hardwood Floors?

Cleaning area rugs on the hardwood floor are not impossible. You can follow several methods for cleaning your carpet, like using shampoo, carpet steamer, or expending sodium bicarbonate.

After completing the cleaning process, do not displace the area rug before it gets dry properly. 

Here’s a guide to safely shampooing your area rugs directly on your hardwood floors.

Before grabbing the shampoo, consider two things:

  • Rug Material: Delicate rugs like silk or antique rugs are best left to professional cleaners. Wool, cotton, and synthetic rugs usually tolerate DIY shampooing well.
  • Degree of Soiling: Minor spot cleaning might suffice, especially for lighter stains or spills. Deep cleaning is where you’ll need a full shampoo.

How to Shampoo an Area Rug on Hardwood Floors

  1. Protect the Floor: Spread a plastic tarp or drop cloths under and around the rug to catch any stray moisture.
  2. Vacuum Thoroughly: Remove all loose dirt and debris. This helps the shampoo work more effectively.
  3. Spot Treat Stains: Tackle any visible stains with a suitable stain remover before doing a full shampoo.
  4. Choose a Rug Shampoo: Look for a shampoo designed for your rug’s material. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage fibers or fade the colors.
  5. Test First: Shampoo a small, inconspicuous area to check for colorfastness.
  6. Dilute & Apply: Mix the shampoo according to directions. Apply it sparingly to the rug, working in sections. Avoid over-saturating the rug.
  7. Scrub Gently: Use a soft-bristled brush to loosen dirt. Work in the direction of the rug’s pile.
  8. Extract the Water: Use a clean, damp cloth or wet/dry vacuum to thoroughly remove soapy residue and as much moisture as possible.
  9. Dry Completely: Lift the rug slightly off the plastic to allow airflow beneath. Use fans or a dehumidifier to speed drying. Ensure both the rug and hardwood floor are fully dry before replacing the rug.

Tips for Success

  • Work on a dry, sunny day for faster drying.
  • Enlist a helper to make moving a large rug easier.
  • Don’t overthink it! With care, this is totally doable.
  • If you have expensive hardwood or an especially valuable rug, consider professional cleaning.

Is It Okay To Clean Area Rugs On Hardwood Floor?

Do not think much! Of course, you can safely clean your area rugs on the hardwood floor. Maintain the rules for the hardwood flooring. Be careful not to pour water directly.

Make a cleaning routine to rinse and dry the carpet well. Set a plastic sheet under the carpet when wet. 

Maintenance Tips:

  • Brush the area rugs on the hardwood floor daily. So that dust can not stay upon it.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner weekly for hidden stains.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals rugs on the hardwood flooring.
  • Some rugs can clean only dishwashing liquid and warm water.


How Do You Clean a Large Area Rug without Water?

Spread baking soda as a freshener powder. Let it work for 10 minutes. Then vacuum it with the vacuum cleaner. Baking soda can help with stains, odours, and dirt as well.

What Is a Natural Carpet Deodorizer?

Apple cider vinegar is the best natural carpet deodorizer. Make a solution with one gallon of water and a cup of vinegar. Apply it in a spray bottle. Allow it dry and work.

Do Vinegar and Baking Soda Remove Old Tints from The Carpet?

Vinegar and baking soda is an excellent combination for removing old stains like blood stains, wine stains or coffee stains.

Why Does My Carpet Smell Worse After Cleaning?

 Main reason for the bad smell occurs because the carpet can not dry well. Perhaps the back of the carpet absorbs much moisture so that it can not dry properly and smells bad.

Do Area Rugs Ruin Hardwood Floors?

As the hardwood floor can not tolerate much water, choosing an area rug is not the best solution. It can cause harm to your floors.

Should I Rinse Carpet After Shampooing?

Run a lot of water after shampooing the carpet. It is better to remove chemicals from inside.

Final Verdict:

Clean and beautiful feeling to our relaxed feeling minds and feet. Before cleaning the carpet, know the material of your rug. It can help you to proceed with choosing a cleaning solution.

Here you will find a complete idea about how to shampoo area rugs on hardwood floors. No matter which shampoo you apply, dry the carpet well before using it again. Keep clean, stay healthy!

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