My grandma sets an extension cord under a rug for the refrigerator when she gets the standard socket lost. Though it is dangerous, she follows some safety tricks. Here you will get some solutions on how to safely run an extension cord under a rug.

You can not run your electrical products without a power-line. So, you should take the help of an extension cord to reach another electric socket. Of course, an extension cord becomes dangerous when it runs openly. But, if you can run it under your rug, it goes out of sight. Then, the danger rate also gets low.

Using an extension cord is not a good idea at all. Overheating the cable can cause a fire in your house. Therefore, plan to attach an extension cord from the nearest electric outlet when you have no way upturned.

How To Safely Run An Extension Cord Under A Rug?

Are you looking for a way to safely run an extension cord under a rug? We’ll show you how to safely run an extension cord under a rug so that you can power your devices without putting yourself at risk.

Step 1: Measure The Cable

If the cable of your products is short, selecting a long wire for an extension cord is necessary. First, check the pin of your point as it is two or three pins. Nevertheless, you can not adjust the line properly. So, measure the cable with inch tape, then go ahead with planning.

Step  2: Plan The Route

Depending on the power of your appliance, generating heat increases. An extension cord can not withstand overheating cable. It is better to plan a short route to reach the electric outlet.

Step 3: Remove Furniture

Shift your furniture from the route where your extension cable goes through. Heavy furniture legs cause harm to your cables. Be sure the route of your plan is favorable & safe. Unplug the cord before moving forward.

Step 4: Route Extension cord 

When the direction is clear, start plucking the rug. If your carpet is conventional and lightweight, you can roll it out during the pulling time of the extension cord.

When your carpet is heavy, it can take out one side of the room. Now, supervise the extension cord wire under the rug and connect carefully.

How Do You Hide Cords Under A Rug?

It will be easy to go through under a carpet if you can hide the cord. A loose cord may cause fire by overheating the cable. If your electronic appliance requires too much power, the cable can damage by overheating the wire.

01. Use Cable Protector:

You can try a cable protector to hide the cord under the rug or unwanted touch. You will get a plastic or rubber cover for hiding your extension cord.

Though it is not a permanent solution, this protector can save the cord from moisture, scraping, or temperature change.

02. Manipulate Surface Raceway:

A surface raceway is a cord cover for electrical wiring. You can attach three types of raceway: galvanized, PVC or non-metal, and metallic.

The most popular raceway is latching, used for the wiring compartment of offices and homes. In addition, the raceway is borrowed for both conduit and tubing.

03. Change The Breaker:

Breakers can protect your extension cord. You can use 3 or more outlets by using a breaker. The capacity may upgrade from 15 to 20A breaker. A circuit breaker is manufactured to take loads from several appliances.

You can use a breaker to take the extra power when connecting multiple extension cords with power. For example, it can assume that 120-volt outlets can take 90-volt-amperes. 

04. Flat Extension Cord:

By using a flat extension cord, you can hide it under a rug. It is a smart alternative to the traditional cord. Because of the thinnest formation, you can place it anywhere at home.

This low-profile variant is very strong while distributing power with other insulation. With a flat extension cord, you can feel relaxed by the flexible texture.

You can use it for coiling or uncoiling mood as you prefer for safety concerns. Compared with round cables, this flat extension cord is convenient to use and fit.

05. Drive Through The Edge Of The Room

As a safety issue, running the extension cord through the edge of the room is better. The windows and door frame can damage the wire of an extension cord.

If you go through the edge of the wall, you can use a cord cover like a plastic tube. Be careful when you have to drill the wall. It may destroy the cables.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Roll and preserve the cord properly when not in use.
  • Never overload the power in an extension cord. It may increase the risk of fire hazards.
  • Keep your cord away from heat streams.
  • Select the appropriate length of an extension cord.
  • The twisted cord has a high chance of being damaged. So, use cord organizers to protect the wires and avoid knots. 


An extension cord is a common comforting point in everyday life, but it isn’t advisable. Before using that cord, you should know the caution and danger very well.

  • Be careful about the fire hazard of extension cords.
  • Heat-trapping happens when multiple cable cords adjust with one  
  • Overheating the cord may cause a fire if it becomes overloaded with power.
  • Do not use an indoor cord for outdoor use; they are different.
  • Immediately switch off the cord when not in use.
  • Please do not run an extension cord in a highly trafficked area.
  • Keep the cord away from children and water or snow.

Can You Run Cords Under A Rug?

It would be better if you were careful with extension cord placement. Find the nearest socket first, then plan your route to go through. Before adjusting the cord, do not get on the power line. Some steps are given below to run your extension cord under a carpet.


Is it safe to put an extension cord under a rug?

No. It is not safe. Use a cord protector or cover if you want to put it on. Running an extension cord is too risky to operate under a rug or carpet.

The Short Answer: Not Generally

Standard extension cords are not designed to be placed under rugs or carpets. Here’s why it’s a potential hazard:

  • Fire Risk: Walking on a rug compresses the extension cord, which can damage the insulation over time. Exposed wires create a serious fire hazard. Additionally, the heat generated by the cord can’t dissipate properly under a rug, potentially leading to overheating.
  • Tripping Hazard: Even with a rug on top, an extension cord can create a slight bump that easily trips people, especially the elderly or those with limited mobility.

So, what are the alternatives?

  1. Rearrange Furniture: The simplest solution might be to rearrange your furniture to position the needed appliance closer to an outlet, eliminating the need for an extension cord entirely.
  2. Cord Covers: If rearranging isn’t an option, cord covers or cord protectors can help disguise visible cords and reduce tripping hazards. These come in various materials (rubber, plastic, metal) to blend with your flooring.
  3. Flat Extension Cords: Specially designed flat extension cords are available. These are much less noticeable under rugs but it’s still important to use them only in low-traffic areas and inspect them regularly for wear.
  4. Electrician Consultation: The safest, long-term solution is to have an electrician install additional outlets in the optimal locations.

Will an extension cord catch on fire?

By overheating the extension cord, it can cause a fire. So, take precautions when you attach a cord.

Why should you not put wiring under carpets and rugs?

Cords may crack if people trample them. By transmitting current, the cord becomes hot, which may cause a fire.

Can you run the power cable under the carpet?

Installation of cable is safe if you adjust the line properly. Do not take overload in an extension cord.

Is it bad if an extension cord gets warm?

When your connection has adjusted improperly, or the cord size is wrong, the extension cord may get warm.

Final Words

You can use an extension cord only for emergency or temporary periods. Sometimes you might have run out of the extension cord under a rug. 

Don’t be afraid! Here you realize how to safely run an extension cord under a rug, so apply the steps carefully and go ahead. 

First, always check and switch off the main switch of the electricity line before attaching a new cord to the home. Then, use the extension cord when you have no way to turn it. Stay safe and keep your children away from the extension cord.

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