A laminate floor is one of the most incredible floor options; it looks like hardwood but is affordable and more durable than a hardwood floor. After installing the flooring, now it’s time to decor the floor. 

Want to buy some rugs for laminate floors to increase the beauty but worried about the slipping? 

Well, as we know, the laminate floor is delicate and has a smooth surface, so it’s obvious when you put a rug on it, it keeps slipping. Even if you have a carpet and want to put a rug on top of it, it will still slip. 

So what do you think, rugs are safe for laminate floors? Would you like to throw some rugs or not? 

When there is a problem, there is a solution available. There are many ways available to stop rug slipping on the laminate floor. What are those?

To know them, you have to scroll down and be with us till the end.

3 Ways to Keep Rugs from Slipping on Laminate Floors

After choosing the rug, selecting the perfect spot, and throwing the rug to enhance the beauty of your home, it is disappointing when the rug doesn’t stay in place. 

Keeping rugs from slipping on tile or laminate floors isn’t so easy, especially in the high traffic areas where people are roaming all day long. It isn’t only annoying but also harmful to damage. 

Rugs are safe for laminate floors, but too much movement of a rug can cause scratches or stains. And as we know, laminate floors are very sensitive and need extra care. So you have to take immediate action no matter what steps you need to take. 

If you don’t take caution, you may have to replace the floor very soon. Because if the laminate floor gets damaged once, there is no option but to replace it. 

When there is a way to get rid of this problem, why worry? You can prevent the carpet from sliding and keep the rug in place with the help of a non-slip pad, double-sided tape, or rug gripper. Interested in knowing more about these options? Let’s learn a little bit.

01. Double-Sided Tape

According to us, double-sided tape is the best option when you are not using an expensive rug or want a cheap solution. Almost all of us know how much a double-sided tape costs! So it’s clear, no option can be cheaper than double-sided tape to keep your rug in place. 

Not only cheap but easy to use and free of the chance of damaging the laminate floor. You can change it anytime; it won’t leave any sticky residue, your carpet and rug will be safe.

Using double-sided tape to secure the rug with the carpet is just a left-hand work of a few minutes. Clean the rug and open one side of it and apply all around the carpet. But keep it away from the edge at least for 2 inches. 

Now apply some strips in the middle of the rug for extra grip. It’s time to open the other side, open it and place the rug in your selected area.  

Anti-slip tape for rugs holds the rug with the carpet or laminate floor, and the rug won’t move further.

But after a few days, it will collect dirt, dust, and debris and lose its sticky adhesive abilities. 

02. Non-Slip Rug Pad

Non-slip rug pads for laminate floors are one of the best ways to stop rug slipping on laminate floors. But it’s an expensive option. Some think area rug pads for laminate floors are an extra thing, so extra cost. But that’s not true. 

However, it will cost you a lot but will prevent your area rug from slipping without damaging the laminate floor. Many sizes of rug pads are available in the market.

You can buy any rug pad compatible with laminate floor, cut it and make the size you need. 

03. Decor with Furniture

This is the simple way without investing even a penny. Place furniture on top of your rug and secure it. When you have furniture like coffee tables, couches, flower vases, etc., these will hold the rug and prevent it from moving. 

But if the rug is for the high traffic area then you can’t place furniture over it. In that case, you can buy slip-resistant rugs like wool, jute, cotton, or seagrass rugs that won’t slip on laminate floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Rug on Laminate Flooring

Yes, you can put a rug on laminate flooring, but you have to be careful. You can’t use any sticky rug, rubber, latex, or plastic back rug on the laminate floor. These can harm the laminate floor surface.

What Kind of Rugs Can Go on Laminate Flooring

The laminate floor doesn’t go with every rug. Natural Fiber, Wool, Jute, Cotton, Seagrass, rugs can go on laminate flooring. In the market, you will find many tagged laminate-approved vinyl rugs. Those are also harmless on laminate flooring.

Do You Need a Pad Under an Area Rug on Laminate Floors?

Yes, you need a pad under an area rug on laminate floors. A rug pad secures your area rug on laminate floors perfectly and stops it from slipping and damaging. If there is no rug pad under the area rug, there are chances of scratch, damage, and slipping. A rug pad also makes your underfoot comfortable.

Are Ruggables Safe for Laminate Floors?

Yes, ruggables are safe for laminate floors. Ruggables are made with thermoplastic rubber. It’s latex-free and synthetic. It’s compatible with hardwood floors and even vinyl plank flooring. So it’s also safe to use on your laminate floors.

What Can You Put on Laminate Floors to Protect Them?

You can put carpet on the laminate floor surface to protect them. And to prevent scratches put cushions under furniture and left them up instead of dragging. You can also use a rug with a pad in high traffic areas and under furniture to protect the laminate floor from damage.


Stopping rugs from slipping away is an easy task with a rug pad, double-sided tape, or rug gripper. Or you can keep some furniture over it to stop it from moving. 

We have shared details about the way to keep the rug in place on laminate floors. If you want a simpler way to stop the rug from slipping, it will be best to purchase non-slip rugs like handmade ones.

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