A Persian rug is one of the best interior decorations in a room. Persian carpets are known for their richness and texture, making them a good choice for covering walls in the home. It adds warmth and character with vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, making it stand out in any room.

They have been used to decorate the walls of houses, palaces, mosques, and even gardens for centuries. But how exactly do you hang a Persian rug on the wall?

Persian rugs are lightweight so hanging them on the wall is simple. Some basic techniques can help you get the most out of your rug and enhance its aesthetics.

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How to Hang a Persian Rug on The Wall [5 Hanging Methods]

Now, lets try any of these 5 alternative ways to hang up the persian rug on the wall.

1. Use Adhesive Mount

This is the most popular way to hang rugs because it’s simple and works with most types of rugs. All you need is some clear adhesive, which you can buy at any hardware store and a straight edge such as a ruler or frame stretcher.

Place the adhesive on one side of the rug and press it firmly onto the wall. Then place the rug on top of the adhesive, making sure that it’s positioned so that any corners or edges are lined up with the contours of the wall.

Use a level and ensure everything is straight, and then use a cold iron to press down on the adhesive until it sets.

2. Try Out A Hanging Kit

This option works best for large rugs because they need extra support. To use a hanging kit, grab a piece of wood at least 1 foot wide and 24 inches long. 

Cut it to the same height as your rug, and then screw it onto the wall at an angle so that the top edge is even with the top of the adhesive pad on the rug. 

Place your rug on top of this “hanger,” making sure that all edges are neatly aligned. Then use screws to attach it to the wall.

3. Give the String Anchors a Shot

If you have a smaller rug or don’t need extra support, using string anchors is the best option. To do this, first measure where you want the anchor to be and drill a series of small holes into the wall about 2 inches deep.

Then use screws to attach two short pieces of heavy-duty wire (1 foot long each) to each hole. Next, thread one end of a piece of strong string through the wire and pull tightly so that the string is taut.

Finally, place your rug on top of the anchor, ensuring that all edges are lined up perfectly. Use screws to attach the string anchors to the wall, and then use a level to ensure everything is straight.

4. Use Duct Tape

This option works best for small rugs and is the easiest to use. To do this, grab a piece of duct tape and lay it out on your work surface.

Then measure the rug size and cut a strip that’s at least twice as long as your rug width. Next, fold the strip in half lengthwise to have two short pieces of duct tape.

Finally, place one end of each strip over one corner of the rug, ensuring that the tape is tight against the fabric.

Now use your hands to stretch and roll up the duct tape until it’s wrapped around both corners of the rug.

Then place one end of a piece of wire off-center over each taped corner so that it hangs down about 1 inch.

5.Use Clips

This option works best for rugs that are larger or need more support. To do this, first, measure the rug size and cut a piece of cloth that’s at least twice as long as your rug width.

Next, unfold the fabric so it’s in a long rectangle shape. Finally, use clips to attach one end of the cloth to your wall about an inch from the ceiling (or floor).

Then position your rug on top of the fabric, ensuring that all edges are lined up perfectly. Next, use screws to attach the clips to the wall, and then use a level to ensure everything is straight.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hanging a Rug

There are a few things to keep in mind before hanging a rug.

  • First, make sure that the area is clean and free of any furniture or objects that fall on or scratch the rug.
  • Second, be careful not to hang your rug too high or low off the floor – it should rest just below waist height.
  • And finally, check periodically to see if anything is sticking out of the bottom of your rug – this could indicate that it needs to be tightened or replaced.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do You Mount a Heavy Rug on The Wall?

There are a few ways to mount a heavy rug on the wall. One way is to use a mounting bracket designed for this purpose. Another way is to use a stud finder and drill to locate the studs in the wall and attach the mounting bracket to the studs.

Is It Weird to Hang a Rug on The Wall?

No, it is not weird to hang a rug on the wall. It can be a great way to add personality and function to your room. Rugs are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used in many different ways, and they can make a statement in a room.

Are Persian Rugs out Of Style?

No Persian rugs are not out of style. Persian rugs are not only beautiful, but they are also trendy. Many people consider Persian rugs to be one of the most stylish and versatile pieces of furniture that you can own.


There are various ways to hang a rug, and it depends on the size, style, and shape of your rug. Do some research online or ask around before making any decisions so that you can get the perfect solution for your space. Happy rug hanging!

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