How to Get Tempera Paint out Of Carpet

The super pigmented beautiful color that adds life to art and paintings is tempera paint. It is a blend of oil and water-based medium with incredible aesthetic quality and a range of applications.

This art tool is effective, cheap, and easy to apply.  It’s used to make art, sign painting, and even make liquid food coloring. 

Tempera dries very quickly, which is its biggest strength and drawback. Tempera paints spill on fabric or carpet is not uncommon and nothing less than a hassle. They don’t easily come out and leave marks.  

So getting rid of tempera paint is a little challenging but not impossible. Thinking about how to get tempera paint out of carpet?

We are here with a few tips and tricks to help you get the stain out of your carpet as soon as possible. Scroll down to learn more.

How to Get Tempera Paint out Of Carpet

There are many ways to get tempera paint out of the carpet. But not each one is effective. Some methods are there to remove tempera paint from the carpet but snatch its shine and fluffiness. An example is a commercial cleaner with harsh chemicals.

Most of the available commercial cleaners use chemicals at a high level that damage the carpet. So today, we will share an interesting DIY cleaning process that is safe, easy, and affordable. Let’s get started.

Equipment You Will Need

White vinegar, warm water, baking soda, microfiber cloth, paper towel, spray bottle, protective gears.

Step One

Our first step will be cleaning the tempera paint spill as soon as possible. Take immediate action whenever you notice it in the carpet or any fabric.

Take a clean white microfiber cloth so the color doesn’t transfer into the carpet. You can also use a paper towel instead of a microfiber cloth.

Now blot the area with this cloth or paper towel until all moisture is out. Keep changing the cloth, so the paint doesn’t retransfer into the carpet. 

Step Two

After the cloth or paper towel has absorbed enough moisture from the paint, only the residue is there.

You have to use commercial solvent or a DIY solution to clean that residue. As we told you above, we will use a DIY solution, so let’s make it.

Step Three

Take a spray bottle and fill half with white vinegar and half with warm water. Stir well and spray directly on the paint spilled area.

Leave it for five minutes and blot again with a new cloth. Repeat blotting until the paint is almost out. 

Step Four

After removing paint from the carpet, we have to treat the stain. Make a thick paste of baking soda and white vinegar.

Apply this paste to the stained area, and leave for fifteen minutes. Time is up! Now scrape off the paste or wipe away with an alcohol moist cloth and remove the baking soda paste residue. 

Step Five

Use a fresh cotton cloth and blot the carpet to absorb any left moisture. For better results, keep some weight items like books on top of cloth for a few minutes.

It will remove all moisture and will ensure the carpet is cleaned. Use a carpet stretcher or comb to make the carpet fibers fluffy again.

How to Get Dried Tempera Paint out Of Carpet

We know cleaning any spills immediately is essential and make the cleaning process easier. But what if you missed it and the tempera paint is dried?

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. The dry tempera paint that’s been spilling out of the tube has soaked into your carpet.

Your kids have probably already ruined the new dining room carpet. As the tempera paint is already dried, now there is no benefit by worrying.

So it’s best to start thinking about how to clean dried tempera paint out of the carpet.

Don’t think about throwing the carpet out; you can still save it by removing the dried tempera paint from the carpet with a simple solution. 

It may be difficult to remove, but we have techniques to remove dried tempera paint from the carpet. Here is how you can get rid of tempera paint from carpet.

Equipment You Will Need

Knife, white vinegar, spray bottle, dish liquid, warm water, toothbrush, mask, hand gloves, goggles.

Step One

Take a butter knife or something hard to scrape off the dry tempera paint. Gently hold the knife and scrape off repeatedly until the dried tempera paint is out of the carpet.

Step Two

After enough dry tempera paint is out of the carpet, it’s time you have to treat the paint residue and the stain.

To do this, you will need an effective cleaner that can clean the tempera paint without damaging your carpet. 

Step Three

Most of the commercial cleaners include high chemicals; harmful to the carpet. So our suggestion will be to use a DIY solution that is safe. We also do the same when we face something like this.

Step Four

Make a solution of one bottle of white vinegar and a few drops of dish liquid. Stir well and spray directly on the paint-affected area.

Take a stiff brush or old toothbrush, scrub gently, and avoid rubbing. Rubbing can spread the paint and double the work. Leave it for a few minutes. 

Step Five

Take a white microfiber cloth, dip it into warm water, squeeze well and wipe away the residue. Repeat the process until paint is totally removed and the carpet is cleaned like before.

Once the carpet is free of tempera paint, use a soft cotton cloth and blot the affected area to absorb excess moisture.

Spread some baking soda, cover the affected area, and leave it overnight. In the morning, shake it and vacuum to remove the baking soda residue. Use a comb to make the carpet fiber fluffy again.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will Vinegar Remove Paint from Carpet?

Yes, vinegar will remove paint from the carpet. Vinegar is acidic; it effectively removes any type of paint stain.

Spray some vinegar on the paint stain, leave it for a few minutes and wipe away with a moist cloth; the paint stain will be removed.

Will Baking Soda Get Paint out Of Carpet?

Yes, baking soda can get paint out of the carpet. Make a paste of baking soda and white vinegar, apply and leave it for ten minutes.

Then scrape off or wipe away with a damp cloth. Baking soda is abrasive and removes the paint from the carpet.

Can You Use Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Paint?

Yes, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove paint. However, be sure to test the paint first to make sure it is safe for use. Rubbing alcohol is a strong solvent and can damage some surfaces if it is not used correctly.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Remove Paint from Carpet?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can remove paint from carpet. However, it is essential to use the correct concentration and follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the carpet.

Does Nail Polish Remover Remove Paint?

Yes, nail polish remover can remove paint. However, it is important to use the right remover for your specific paint.

Some removers are specifically designed to remove paint and other coatings, while others are general-purpose cleaners that can also remove polish.


Tempera paint on your carpet will be very difficult to remove but not impossible. With the right method, you can get it out. And not to worry about dried tempera paint also, that is removable.

We have shared an effective method on how to get tempera paint out of the carpet as well as how to get dried tempera paint out of the carpet.

But if it seems hard to you, call a professional; they will help you out. 

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