Cleaning a woven leather rug is not a piece of cake; you have to be careful.

A woven leather rug can last a lifetime with a good deep clean. However, the amount of dirt, dust, and grime that can build up in the fibers of your rugs is often underestimated. 

When it comes to cleaning your rugs, there are several options available. But not every option is effective. Especially using a store-bought commercial cleaner with a chemical or harsh cleaning agent can ruin your woven rug. So how to clean a woven leather rug properly?

We have designed this article by keeping users needs in mind and the questions they mostly ask. Here, you will learn about all the information on how to clean a woven rug, its maintenance, stain cleaning, and many more.

So scroll down and be with us.

How to Deep Clean a Woven Leather Rug

Leather is a material with many qualities, from the organic structure of the hide to its resiliency. But that doesn’t mean you can take it for granted, especially when it comes to cleaning your leather items.

Let’s know how to deep clean a woven leather rug. As we love to use a DIY solution to keep the rug safe, we will tell you how to deep clean a woven leather rug with a DIY cleaning solution. 

Step One: Shake It Up

Take the rug outside in the yard and shake it to remove all the loose dirt. Repeat this step until the rug is completely dust-free and moist. For better results, use a stick or a shovel.

Step Two: Make a Solution

To deep clean a woven leather rug, you have to clean it with a cleaner. You can use any mild store-bought cleaner or make a solution at home with safe home ingredients. Take a gallon of warm water, add a few drops of dish liquid and mix well until some bubbles appear. 

Step Three: Cleaning Process

Spray the solution directly all over the rug, use a soft brush and scrub gently. Avoid rubbing harshly. Leave it for fifteen minutes, and wipe away with a damp cloth.

Leave it to dry, but don’t keep it under sunlight. Blot with a dry cloth to absorb moisture. Place a dry towel over the rug and keep something heavy over it.

Step Four: Sanitizing

Take a spray bottle and fill 5% of it with distilled vinegar and 95% warm water. If you want the leather rug to be smooth, add a few drops of lemon juice.

Spray this solution directly all over the rug. Leave it for one hour to dry. 

Step Five: Odor Removing  

After the rug is dry enough, sprinkle some baking soda or bleaching powder all over the leather rug. Baking soda will absorb the bad odor and will sanitize the leather rug.

Leave the leather rug with baking soda overnight. In the morning, shake it out to get rid of baking soda. Then vacuum to get rid of baking soda residue.

How to Clean Woven Leather Rug with Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike other rugs, cleaning a woven leather rug with a vacuum cleaner is a little difficult. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the woven rug, but the vacuum cleaner should have an upholstery attachment.

If you don’t have one, drape a dampened cloth around the area to be cleaned and let it warm for about half an hour before removing dirt through vacuuming. 

  1. Turn on the vacuum cleaner with maximum suction power. If the vacuum cleaner has a beater, make sure you have turned off the beater when you use it because it can cause damage to the rug.
  2. Starting from the middle, gently move the vacuum cleaner all around the rug.
  3. Run the vacuum cleaner a minimum of two times in the same place, but don’t hold it at the same place for a long time; it will damage the rug.
  4. Once vacuuming the front part is done, place a newspaper, keep the rug front part on top, and vacuum the back part. 
  5. When vacuuming is done, the woven leather rug is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust turned off the vacuum cleaner.

How to Remove Stain from Woven Leather Rug

There are a few ways to remove stains from woven leather rugs, but we will share the effective and simple method. This will take only a few minutes. 

  1. Make a vinegar and baking soda solution and apply directly to the stained area. 
  2. Take a soft brush or toothbrush and scrub gently in a circular motion. 
  3. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Wipe away with a dampened cloth.
  4. Make another solution of vinegar and warm water in equal quantity, and Spray directly on the stained area. Take a clean cloth and blot the area. Use another cloth and blot again because dirt can retransfer on the rug if you use the same cloth.
  5. When the stain is removed or almost gone, leave it to dry. That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean a Woven Rug at Home?

To clean a woven rug at home, we will need to make a dish liquid and warm water solution. Take a tub of water, add a few drops of dish liquid, mix well, and put the rug in this solution.

Leave it for two hours; once the time is up, rub the rug well and rinse away with cold water. Let it dry naturally but don’t put it in direct sunlight or any heating source; this will cause the rug to fade away.

How Do I Clean a Leather Jute Rug?

Cleaning a leather jute rug is simple. Vacuuming regularly is enough to keep it clean. But if you need to clean it, you can use a vinegar and warm water solution or dish liquid or water solution.

Make the solution, spray on the rug, leave it for a few minutes, scrub with a soft bristle brush and rinse away with cold water. 

Can You Dry Clean a Woven Rug?

There is no definitive answer as to whether or not a woven rug can be dry cleaned. It depends on the type of weave and the condition of the rug.

If the rug is machine-washable, then it should be machine-dried. If the rug is not machine-washable, it may need to be dry cleaned.

Can I Put a Woven Rug in The Washing Machine?

Can you put a woven rug in the washing machine or not depends on the rug quality.

Usually, the label that comes with the woven rug mentioned can you wash it in a washing machine or not. If the label says you can put a woven rug in the washing machine, yes, you can put it.

How Do You Clean a Woven Wool Rug?

To clean a woven wool rug, shake it out to remove all the loose dirt. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove fine particles. Make a solution of half a gallon of warm water, a few drops of dish liquid, and one tablespoon of baking soda.

Spray this solution directly over the woven wool rug, scrub gently for a minute and leave it for fifteen minutes.

Once time is up, rinse away with cold water and let it dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight or any heating equipment to dry the woven wool rug.


Woven leather rugs are the most comfortable, durable, and effective rug for any home. They have a lot of advantages over synthetic carpets because they won’t fade or wear out.

These rugs can last decades if properly cared for, and cleaning them is very easy. To help you clean your woven leather rug, we have shared an effective method on How to clean a woven leather rug.

We hope it helped you in cleaning your woven leather rug. Let us know how our article was. Was it helpful or not?

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